Review: 10 Free Pairs of Washable Breast Pads

If you have a baby on the way and plan to breastfeed or know someone who is this is an AWESOME FREEBIE! are offering 10 FREE pairs of washable breast pads with Insane in the Mombrain promo code PJBABY.

Free breast pads

When I was about 7 months pregnant I started realizing I may need a little more for when the baby arrives. I was thinking of all the main items like a place for her to sleep, carseat, clothing, diapers, etc…but then one day I was reading an article (probably something super relaxing along the lines like “even more things to remember before baby arrives…”) and among those things they mentioned getting a comfortable nursing bra and breast pads if choosing to breastfeed. I had the bras, but breast pads had not even crossed my mind before! When I punched “washable breast pads” into Google, I came across – a company that was giving away 10 free pairs of breast pads. All you had to pay was the shipping. Being the skeptic that I am, I did a quick search for reviews but didn’t come up with much. So having zero previous experience with these I figured what the heck and ordered them.

They arrived in the mail about 2-3 weeks later, so not the quickest shipping times, but that is probably a combination of A: I chose the cheapest/slowest ground shipping option (it was a free item I was trying out after all) and B: I live in Canada and they ship from the USA. It most likely won’t take as long to arrive if you live in the USA, but keep that in mind if you are wanting these to arrive before your little one does. My initially impression of them was that they are very soft and a good size – not too small and thin where I’ll need to change them every hour, but also not too big and bulking (aka: not very discreet) like most of the disposable ones I found are.

Free Breast Pads

The real test though was when baby arrived and the juice started flowin’. I am happy to report that these pads held up really well! Depending on the day and my milk production, I probably had to change pads every 3-5 hours or so when I was in full on day and night breastfeeding mode. Eventually 1 pair could last me all day when production started to slow down as my daughter slowly weaned. I had a small stash of disposable breast pads because people told me they were more convenient when out and about, but honestly, I never used them. My daughter is now 16 months old and done with breastfeeding and the disposable ones are still sitting in my bathroom cabinet. They help up really well too despite being used non-stop and multiple washes per week for close to a year. I’d say in the beginning when feeding was at its peek, each pair of pads got wash 3 times per week on average for almost 9 months straight, and not a single one wore out or fell apart. For something that I started off feeling skeptical about turn out to be one the most useful things I bought. I guess that proves that expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Free Breast Pads

If you want to give these free pairs of washable breast pads a try too, head on over to can pick out 5 sets (each set has 2 pair, or 4 pads).  Add 5 sets to your cart and then use promo code PJBABY and it will take the total off your cart making them FREE – Just pay shipping. Shipping costs are determined at checkout and depend on your location and shipping method you choose (ground/express/etc). If you would like more you can order additional sets of Breast Pads for $2 USD/$3 CAD per set (normally $7 USD/$9 CAD per set). If you do not want the return insurance you can opt out of it by removing it from your cart (I opted out. It automatically adds to your cart so just remove it if you do not want it). There are 30 colors and patterns to choose from making them both useful and fun!

Breast Pads

For even more mom and baby freebies, use my same PJBABY promo code to receive the items below for FREE! My favorites are the carseat cover, nursing cover, baby leggings and ruffled diaper covers (sooo cute for photoshoots!).

5 Free Pairs of Baby Leggings

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Free Faux Fur Eskimo Hat

10 Free Pairs Breastfeeding Pads

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