Best Paying Affiliate Programs for Blogging

The topic of this post a little different than what I typically write about, but because I love sharing little tips and tricks with others, I thought todays topic could be helpful for some of my fellow new bloggers out there. Below are the top affiliate companies and programs I work with that have turned out to be the best performers for earning money.

best paying affiliate programs

I officially started monetized my blog in May 2016. What this means is I may include affiliate links and/or sponsored posts in my blog that allow me to earn a bit of money. Getting started has taken a bit of learning and practice but I am now starting to see my efforts pay off. Some weeks I make a little more than others and it all comes down to how much time and effort I put into my blog that week, but now that I have gotten the hang of it and honed my writing style, it doesn’t take very much effort at all. If you are consistent and write good content that people find useful you can find that a post containing an affiliate link can still be bringing in money months later. I love sharing and passing on useful information if it can help others. Which brings me to the links of my favorite affiliate programs for blogging.

In the beginning I joined many affiliate programs (more than I’d like to admit…), but I’ve learned that it comes down to quality over quantity. What good is it to join a company your blog has nothing in common with or pays so little its not worth your efforts? These are my 5 favorites that I have had the most success with. Amazon and Educents are companies that sell products directly. ShareASale and PepperJam Network are affiliate marketing networks. What this means is they manage many individual companies within their network that you can apply to become an affiliate for. For example: ShareASale. You will have to apply to join them and set up a login username and password. After that, you can search for different companies that fall within your niche to apply to becoming an affiliate for.

It should go without saying that all of these programs are free to join! I would not personally pay a company for me to promote their products and so I would never refer you to an affiliate program that charges you money.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs for Blogging:

PepperJam Network

Similar to ShareASale – has many many companies in varied niches and well-known brands to apply to. If you are a mom or blog about mom/baby lifestyle then you will want to check out a bunch of companies that offer a promo code to receive their mom/baby product for free to the consumer but still pay you a commission. See my post on a 10 Free Breastfeeding Pads for example. Its a win-win for both you and your readers! I’ve listed them below.


Amazon is amazing – I’m sure you could look around your house and spot products you love and have raved about before. Chance are, Amazon sells those products. Which means you can get an affiliate link for it and earn a percentage of the sale when you recommend those products to others through personal review.


SocialFabric pays between $125-$200 for one sponsored blog post!  They are very selective so if you don’t get approved right away, try again when you have a bit more experience. A few things they look for are whether you’re consistently blogging, have nice, big, colorful photos, and have a good following.


Educents is a great company that offers educational tools, resources, and games to make learning fun. Perfect for bloggers who write about mom-life, homeschooling, kids, etc. Gladie, their affiliate manager, is super nice to work with and I adore their affiliate community. Tell them Bree-Ann Nelson sent you when you apply.


Has hundreds, if not thousands, of companies and brands to apply to. Many of the companies will send out offers via email to pay you right away just for placing a banner on your site, have great bonuses, offer high commissions, and some even provide free items to affiliates to try/review when requested.

Some of the companies I like through ShareASale due to their bonuses and promos:

They have great bonuses and will start you off with a free book.

They have great bonuses and start you off with a free sample of a variety of their teas.

High commission and they’ll send you a free sample box.

High commission and they’ll pay you to place their banner on your site.

Will send you free books and are so nicewith good bonuses.

Snake River Farms
Great bonuses and incentives.

More nice bonuses!

Bramble Box Props
Offers affiliates a free month’s box and nice commissions.

Lil  Passports
Another fun subscription box company that will provide you with free boxes.

A huge commission of $20 per sale and will provide affiliates with a free box of hair color. This stuff is amazing!

One of the best puppy subscription boxes and will provide affiliates with a free box when you request one.

Free trial for affiliates and an awesome company! Easy to make money with them as they pay you simply when someone signs up for a free trial.

Great commission base of 12% on every sale and decent cookie length of 45 days.

A top 100 ShareASale Company that also gives its affiliates 35% discount off.

Baby/Mom companies through PepperJam Network I like because they offer free products to consumers and still pay their affiliates a commission:

Once logged into PepperJam, Search for merchants:

Breast Pads

Baby Leggings

Nursing Cover

Ruffle Buns

Eskimo Hats

Carseat Canopy Cover


Contacting Affiliate Companies for products to review/try:

Once you have found a joined some affiliate programs and companies, I recommend sending each and every one of them a short email introducing yourself. If you want to write a review of their company or a product they sell, don’t be afraid to pitch that to them! I found that many companies are willing to give out small products or samples to their affiliates to review and try out. Many companies through ShareASale are willing do this. Keep it short and sweet:

Subject: Insane in the Mombrain Blog Review

Dear ALOHA Teas,

Your teas sound both delicious and inspiring. I am especially intrigued by the protein products. (take a quick look at their website and find something you can relate to and comment on it. Be genuine – it’ll show when they check out your blog). If you are currently able to provide samples to affiliates, I’d love to review it at Insane in the Mombrain.

Hoping to hear from you!
Bree-Ann Nelson

99% of the time I get a YES, or at least a company showing interest in a potential product review in the future. Once I have received the product and decided to review it (if I personally did not like the product I weill not review and promote it on my blog, but that is pretty rare) I will send a follow up email:

Hi Nancy,

I loved the teas so much, especially the Energy Tea! I’ll be posting my review next week. When I do, would you like to offer my readers any type of promo and/or giveaway?

Thanks again!
Bree-Ann Nelson
Insane in the Mombrain

Typically the company will take care of shipping the giveaway and all you need to do is determine a winner and send them the winners shipping details. I like to use Wufoo forms for giveaway submissions and then a number randomizer like to determine a winner fairly.

Good Luck!

If you have any questions just let me know! I am happy to help and share with others what has worked for me!



    1. I’m glad you found it useful! My absolute favorite one to work with is ShareAsale – they have SO MANY different companies in every niche to affiliate with. I checked out your site and see you mainly do food related blogging. I’m not sure if reviewing subscription food boxes interests you but there are a few that will send their affiliates a free box to try and review. I’m going to create a follow up post to this one once I compile the companies that will give free product to affiliates, but I’d be happy to send you the names of the food subscription box companies if that is something that interests you 🙂

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