12 Must Have Summer Toys for Babies & Toddlers

The summer weather in July was amazing this year! We have been spending more and more time outside all day. We live on the west coast of Canada which brings it’s fair share of rainy days for a good portion of the year. Granted, all that rain also brings us lush green forests, beautiful lakes and amazing scenery…but for me, nothing beats the long warm sunny days of summer.

12 Must Have Toys for Babies & Toddlers

My daughter LOVES being outside – anytime the door opens she is making a break for it – rain or shine! If you have a little one I’m sure you will be taking advantage of the summer heat by spending lots of time outdoors too.  I’ve gotten many ideas for outside play from our beloved daycare, and found a few of our own so far this summer. My daughter is 18 months at the time of this post and below is a list of our favorite 12 must have summer toys for babies and toddlers around her age. The best part – most summer goods are starting to go on sale in August making it great to prepare for next year!

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12 Must Have Summer Toys for Babies & Toddlers:

Sun Shade Pop-Up Tent – These are great for getting a little shade on hot days. This one is especially cool because it is super easy to set up. It folds up with all parts intact – no messing with tent poles/etc. Just lay out, pull up on the middle rope and it snaps into place!

Kiddie Pool with Sun Shade – We have one just like this and it’s been set up and in use all summer. I’m planning on using it as an indoor ball pit during the winter!

12 must have summer toys for babies & toddlers

Sand/Beach Toys – A summer time staple. Can hit the beach without sand toys! This kit comes with all kinds of shovels, rakes, sand molds, buckets and even a mini wheel barrow and sand/water wheel. Tip: store them in a mesh bag for easy clean up and keeping sand out of your car – just give the bag a shake and all the sand falls out.

Water Activity Table – I have never met a kid who doesn’t like to splash in water. What I like about these tables are they don’t just have to be limited to water play. I’ve added dish soap to make lots of frothy suds and even placed cooked spaghetti noodles in our as well for a new fun texture.

Pop ‘N Sit Portable Booster with Tray – A handy portable booster with tray to take with you anywhere. Perfect for camping, the beach, or travelling as it folds up really compact and takes up very little space.

12 Must have summer toys for babies & toddlers

No Spill Bubble Blower – This one is really cool for little ones who may be still too young to get the hang of a bubble wand and spill the bubble juice or holding a fan powered bubble blower. Plus – its just really cool!

Folding Pop-Up Toy Tunnel – Another toy my daughter loves at our daycare that it is on the list for our backyard too! Love that it folds up in seconds to save space when not it use.

Baby Water Float with Sun Shade – I have this exact same one for my daughter for lake days and she loves that it allows her to kick her legs freely…I love that it keeps her upright, shades her from the sun, and folds up to about the size of a frisbee 🙂

Outdoor Baby Swing or Swing Set for toddlers and kids of all ages – I remember the day I woke up to find a full swing set in our living room Christmas morning…my eyes must have popped out of my head! It was a day I will never forget and that swing set got plenty of use from all the neighborhood kids for years.

Finger Paint – This one isn’t necessarily strictly a summer activity, but we do a lot more finger painting during the warmer months when we can keep the mess outside! If you’d prefer to try a non-toxic homemade version, check out my homemade finger paint recipe HERE. Takes just 4 ingredients and less than 15 minutes to make!

12 Must have summer toys for babies & toddlers

Toddler Backyard Slide – This one is a standard, but never goes out of style. The thing I love about these ones is they are fun on their own, or you can place the slide end into a small pool or sand box, etc. Plus most will collapse for easier storage!

Sunscreen – Last, but not least and definitely a must have. We like and use Aveeno. It goes on nice and thick and doesn’t easily wash off in the water. If an all natural route is more your thing, give this Homemade Sunscreen recipe a try by Wellness Mama

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What are your favorite and must have summer activities/toys for little ones? Share with me in a comment and I’ll keep this list updated!

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