About the Girl Behind the Blog:

Hi! My name is Bree-Ann. I am a 30-something no-frills kinda gal and I live in a quiet little town outside the city on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada with my partner, Elmer, and our daughter, Myra.

I am a working mom and lover of fitness, funnies, food, fashion….pretty much all “F” words…yep – even the 4 letter version slips out every now and then during the hectic moments of life! 😉 I am passionate about keeping things simple and down to earth, and sharing my vision that it is possible to have fun and balance indulgence while also staying healthy. I love food and decorating sweet treats, and if I had the time, I’d be in my kitchen baking up a storm everyday!
I am a former Beachbody Health & Fitness Coach (you can read about my experience and why I decided to stop coaching HERE), and while I no longer practice coaching, I still have a huge passion for fitness and encouraging other to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle – which I am pursuing as I work towards becoming a group fitness instructor.

About Fitness Family Food Fun:

I began writing Fitness Family Food Fun as a way of sharing the things I am most passionate about and to show others that leading a healthy balanced lifestyle with the odd indulgence here and there, and still have time for the things you love doing, is attainable for anyone!

While I do my best to find creative ways to turn a not-so-healthy recipes into a healthier version without skimping on taste, I have a handful (ok…an entire filing cabinet drawer…) of favourite recipes and foods that are definitely saved for indulging. I believe that when eaten in moderation, “bad” foods can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

Things you’ll find on Fitness Family Food Fun these days: recipes (both healthy and treats!), my simple beauty and fashion favourites, quick can-be-done-anywhere workouts, DIY projects, and random life and family updates to name a few!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around again!CONTACT: YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM AND PINTEREST