11 Cool Things to Make From Plastic Containers

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We live in a world where it is too easy to toss things and just buy new, but I love finding ways to reuse something or turn it into something useful and neat rather than throwing it away. And if it can save me money from not having to buy something new…I’m down for that! Anything from empty pop bottles to lip balm containers – these are 11 cool things to make from plastic containers that I have either tried or plan on it!

11 Cool Things to Make from Plastic Containers

11 Cool Things To Make from Plastic Containers:

  1. Make Cherry Blossom Art from an empty pop bottle.
  2. If you are into beads and jewelry making, The Frugal Crafter makes homemade beads easy and fun to make.
  3. Make a quick and easy sink extender for little ones for hand washing!
  4. These rustic containers make from an empty coffee can by Adventures of a Middle Sister only require rope and a glue gun!
  5. This bottle piggy bank from Martha Stewart started off as a bleach bottle.
  6. These zipper cases from Make It and Love It are the coolest upcycle project for craft supply storage I have seen!
  7. Another jewelry project. Use heat or warp and unique-ify these homemade earrings by Happy Family Art.
  8. This jewelry stand from EPBOT only costs $3.72 in materials to make!
  9. Turn an empty EOS lip balm container into a travel storage for small valuables, thanks to A Mere Glimpse.
  10. These bangles from Fab Art DIY would make a great project to do with the 9-12 age girls.
  11. A plastic bag holder from The Teacher’s Wife is a creative use for old baby wipe containers!

Do you have any favorite upcycle projects you like to do by repurposing empty plastic containers? Share in the comments below – I’d love to give them a try!

Super Easy Non-Toxic Homemade Finger Paint

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One of the best things I have learned from daycare since my daughter, Myra, started a little over a month ago is all the great ideas for play and fun for her age. I don’t know if it’s the worrier in me, or maybe subconsciously I just want to keep my baby a baby forever, but I often seem to think that certain toys and activities are still too “big” for her. Like finger paint and colouring for example. I knew the day would come when we would sit down and do arts and crafts like these and I looked forward to them….it just never dawned on me that doing them at the age of 15 months would work…but it’s actually awesome!


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Looking for some inspiration for craft ideas that kids can make for Mother’s Day? Here is a list of my absolute favorite Mother’s Day craft ideas that will make the PERFECT gift and sure to melt moms heart. This list include crafts for children just about any age – the younger ones will love getting messy with the hand and footprint ones and older kids can make some great masterpieces. BONUS points if dad stumbles across this page and gets the kids in the action for mom!


3 Ways to Kill Weeds Without Harsh Chemicals That Actually Work!

The weather has been so nice out – it’s almost as if we skipped right past spring and went straight to summer! We have been spending a lot of time in the yard lately – Myra loves exploring outside! Where we live, we have long wet winters with lots of rain that while it gives us beautiful lush green forests…it also brings a lot of weeds!

Homemade weed killer
I don’t like the idea of using harsh weed killers like Round-up, especially since Myra is at such a curious stage and seems to want to put E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G she picks up into her mouth. So I spent some time this past week trying and testing different homemade options that don’t contain any poisonous chemicals – perfect for keeping little ones and pets safe! Below are the ones I found worked best!