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Best Paying Affiliate Programs for Blogging

The topic of this post a little different than what I typically write about, but because I love sharing little tips and tricks with others, I thought todays topic could be helpful for some of my fellow new bloggers out there. Below are the top affiliate companies and programs I work with that have turned out to be the best performers for earning money.

best paying affiliate programs

I officially started monetized my blog in May 2016. What this means is I may include affiliate links and/or sponsored posts in my blog that allow me to earn a bit of money. Getting started has taken a bit of learning and practice but I am now starting to see my efforts pay off. Some weeks I make a little more than others and it all comes down to how much time and effort I put into my blog that week, but now that I have gotten the hang of it and honed my writing style, it doesn’t take very much effort at all. If you are consistent and write good content that people find useful you can find that a post containing an affiliate link can still be bringing in money months later. I love sharing and passing on useful information if it can help others. Which brings me to the links of my favorite affiliate programs for blogging.