7 Kid-Friendly April Fools Day Pranks

I love to laugh and love a good friendly prank…so now that I have a little one of my own I’ll be sure to be pulling some of these when April Fools rolls around at my house! I can’t wait to do something unexpected that will surprise and make my daughter laugh with silliness!

Myra is still a little young for most of these ideas…but here are some kid-friendly April Fools day pranks I will be saving these for coming years!

april fools day pranks

Shrink Wrap
Wrap your toddlers toys in shrink wrap and watch as they are mesmerizes by it! They will love discovering it and unwrapping them!

Freeze their Breakfast
Fill your child’s bowl with cereal and milk – then stick it into the freezer overnight! The kids will be in for a surprise when they go to take a scoop with their spoon!

april fools day pranks

Marshmallow Picking
Stuff marshmallows onto the tips of branches in your yard. Tell the kids the marshmallows are ready for picking and watch the look on their faces as they race outside to pick the “berries”.

Pudding or Juice Swap
Instead of a glass of milk or juice, give them a glass of vanilla pudding or set jello. They will be in for a surprise when they go to take a drink!

april fools day pranks

Balloon Pillow
Fill your child’s pillowcase with balloons at nap time. Watch them discover what they pillow is *really* made of!

Funny Colored Milk
Put a drop or 2 of food colouring in their milk…and pretend you have no idea it’s a different color!

Grape Chocolate Eggs
Using leftover Easter egg chocolates, use the foil wrapping and wrap grapes – get ready for all sorts of reactions when they discover a grape inside instead of chocolate!

april fools day pranks

Have a happy and funny April Fools Day! Have you pranked your kiddies before? 

No Equipment 20 Minute Abs Workout

I’ve got a great no-frills ab workout that you can done in just 20 minutes! This is my go-to…and Myra finds it funny to use me like a jungle gym when I’m on the floor, LOL! Your abs will be on fiyah after this one 😉

If you need to take a break during an exercise, break for 5-10 seconds and then try to get right back at it for the remainder of the minute. Because the workout is just 20 minutes – we want to get “the most bang for our buck”!
If you decide to give it a try. Modify when and where needed, & let me know what ya thought!

Cost of Teenage Babysitters

I recently posted a “grinds my gears” thought on my Facebook and it got quite a bit of response from all perspectives so I thought I would share it on here too. It’s about the average cost of teenage babysitters these days. I’m talking your casual young teen sitters…not an experienced nanny, licensed daycares or ECE’s, etc who have made child care their careers. I’m talking “little-to-no-work-experience-and-still-too-young-to-qualify-for-a-regular-job-teen”. 

cost of teenage babysitters

$8+ per hour (I’ve heard as high as $12 if the teen is “experienced”). Maybe I am way behind the times, but I’m a numbers and stats girl…and to me, these numbers just don’t add up. 


Why I am No Longer a Beachbody Coach – My Beachbody Break Up

Why I am no longer a Beachbody Coach
I’ve been a little MIA lately on the social media front, specifically Beachbody and my fitness groups, and I’ve had a few people reach out to me regarding Beachbody programs and coaching, so I wanted to share my decision with you all…
I am no longer a coach…(hence the changes with my blog!)
It has been on my mind for a while and I was waiting until I truly felt the disconnect. Also, I have a lot of people who see me as their motivator who I was fearful of disappointing.

…But it was time


Blog Re-Vamping in Progress!

Hi all! Thanks for stopping by!

My blog is a little “naked”. It is going to be a bit of a mish-mash and pages are going to be under construction for the next little bit while I work on the design and layout – But when all done it is going to be a constantly growing and changing place for me to document all things I love to talk about and share:

Food, Fitness, Simple Fashion, Family, DIY, Baking and Cake/Cupcake/Cookie Decorating & FUN!

Some of the things you currently see will remain and be made even better (like the recipes) – but there will be some new changes coming too!! Keep your eyes peeled for topics like my favorites and recommendations, QUICK workout cheat sheets that can be done anywhere (key word QUICK – because we as moms know time is of the essence!) and sweet treat decorating tutorials & tips. So please check back in for updates and drop me a comment or message with suggestions for new topics you’d like to see 😉

You can also find updates in these spots. I’d love for you to follow along!

10 Simple Ways to Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

(Without having to make extra time for it!!)

The NUMBER 1 excuse I get when someone shows interest in starting a workout routine or joining one of my fitness challenge groups is….any guesses??
“I don’t have time
to workout.”
Now, the first thought that comes to mind when I hear this: I can understand where they are coming from, because I felt the EXACT same way before I found what worked for me and for making exercise a daily part of my life. We have so many distractions and time consuming demands coming at us every day that is it easy to feel overwhelmed and like it would be impossible to fit one more thing into your day – like working out.

But…if we are completely honest with ourselves, we have opportunities and bits a time here and there all throughout our days where we watch TV, scroll Facebook or Instagram, sit the whole time while the kids are in the tub, etc. We just CHOOSE to do these things versus doing something else (like getting a workout in) instead of taking the opportunity when it presents itself. It does not mean you have to set aside an hour+ at the gym to get an effective workout or to feel like what you are doing is even worthwhile. Even if it means doing 5-6 short 5 minutes workouts broken up throughout the day – that can be just as effective at moving you towards your goals!!

I’ve come up with a list of 9 easy ways to sneak in a workout during our busy days. Whether you are a stay at home parent with the kids or work long hours away from the house..or you juggle both!  Do all 9 and BAM – by the time your head hits the pillow at the end of the day you’ve easily gotten in over an hour worth of physical activity!!

WAKE UP AND GIVE ME 50 – Those of you who follow me know I prefer to do my 30 min workout in thre morning. But sometimes I just want a little extra sleep. On those days I will at least do a mini workout on the floor of my bedroom before I hop in the shower. a handful of pushups, crunches, plank, squats, etc. It takes me only about five minutes to complete, but it sets the tone for my day.

Plus, if I can’t fit in a full workout for the day that evening, at least I did something!

SQUAT WHILE BRSHING TEETH – It may sound (and will definitely look) funny, but it’s effective for 2 reasons: you’ll have a cleaner smile AND a tighter tush. Squatting while brushing will make you brush your teeth for longer and build stronger glutes in the process.

GO THE LONG WAY – We all know this one, but it really works: Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator. Find a parking spot far away from your destination so you get a little extra walking. If you ride the bus or subway, get off a stop before your usual stop and walk the extra distance. All of those extra steps really add up!

WALK WITH A PURPOSE – One way to really get the most bang for your buck when “going the long way” – pick up the tempo while walking! Speeding up your steps to a brisk pace while doing errands can burn between 80-130 calories alone in just 30 minutes a day!

SWAP YOUR OFFICE CHAIR FOR A STABILITY BALL – This is garunteed to turn heads, but sitting on a giant exercise ball instead of the typical office chair will cause you to use your core muscles and have better posture all day long. Just try not to fall off!

FORGET THE SHOPPING CART – If I don’t have a huge shopping list, I nix the cart and use a hand basket instead. Carrying the weight is a great workout and I get my grocery shopping done at the same time!

WAITING WORKOUT – Have 2 mins while the oven preheats or microwave to ding? Or waiting for your print job to finish at the office? Sneak in a couple reps of exercise that doesn’t require equipment or extra space: pushups against the countertop or desk, squats, lunges, jumping jacks…you get the idea!

GET IN THE ACTION – If you have children in you life, take advantage of opportunities to play with them. Or better yet – if they are old enough, include them in your workout! 30 minute at-home bootcamp workout suddenly becomes make believe army training! Kids have so much natural energy and it’s completely infectious! Plus, how often do you have a legitimate excuse to stop acting like an adult?

COMMERCIAL BREAK WORKOUT – This one is my favourite because it can make such an impact! Keep a yoga mat and set of hand weights in your living room. The hardest part of working out is having to motivation to get ready – so if you already have these things out and ready to go, thats half the battle done! This one can really add up to big results. Its simple, rotate through different exercises during each commercial: pushups, jumping jacks, squats, planks, bicep curls, running in place, etc. Each 30 minute TV show has 10 minutes of commercials on average – so this can really start to add up fast!


Exercise is exercise – It is just as effective no matter how you get it done or where you do it.

Small steps add up to BIG success!

Why you Gain Weight at the Start of a New Exercise Program!! ANSWERED by Chalene Johnson!

One of the most common topics (issue-not-issue) I get asked about. It happens almost like clock work when a new workout program is started – someone messages me concerned and wanting to give up because they have GAINED ___lbs in the first week or 2! Today I want to put this worry to rest. You all know the great Chalene Johnson. If you don’t, she a celebrity trainer and creator of Turbo fire, Turbo Jam, Chalene Extreme, PiYo………She KNOWS her stuff! Here is the answer to one of the most commonly asked fitness questions/puzzles around!


“Probably the most common question I get when I release a new exercise program is, “Help! I’m gaining weight! Am I doing something wrong?” This is a common phenomenon with any new exercise program, such as Turbo Kick, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Hustle, or others! It’s especially common (and temporary) with intense strength training programs like ChaLEAN Extreme or Tony Horton’s P90X.